Tuesday, 4 January 2011

back to college...

we had a meeting this morning about actors dropping out, new actors, changes that might need to be made, issues, and jobs that still need to be done. I had a meeting with Peter Silk my Director and suggested removing the extras from the script because as much as I have been trying, I cannot find people that want to dance in the show. I have tried contacting Dance studios, Dance classes, asked actors, asked people I know that are into Drama/Dance and no luck. One company replied to my email stating that most of their students are really young but that they would ask the few older students that they have. I think it is getting very close to the show now so the best solution would be to have no extras. Peter reluctantly agreed. I know it is not ideal but it is not realistic and we have far more important things to get on with. Such as our rehearsals. I have emailed all the crew that have roles for group B and made a call sheet. I am going to send that as soon as I secure some people from the course to act. This rehearsal will be on Friday. I have also got in contact with Grace for Kassim to film the 2nd unit material. She is available on Thursday at 17:30. I sent the message on behalf of Kass and he will arrange all of the call sheets etc.

There's only two weeks left before the live show. I am still in the process of designing the sound. It is almost finished but I need Steven (the other sound designer) to let me know his thoughts, then we can put our ideas together and produce the final draft of the paperwork to hand out to the sound people.

It was good to have some time off but I am ready for lots of work. I just printed off the work I did over the holidays and I think everything is coming together. I suppose I was lucky to get my Live project close to finished before we broke up as it was one less thing on my mind. We are hoping to complete the final edit by this week so that I can hand copies to the actors and client. I also intend to make a feedback form for my client as part of my evaluation because it will be finished well before the college / client deadline and it will probably be useful for development of future projects.

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