Thursday, 27 January 2011

So yesterday we watched the multi-camera project back. I am a bit disappointed with it because I know if we just had one more week we could have perfected it! But then again our idea was ambitious and not a simple idea. I made notes where sound went wrong and where my PA could have improved which I am going to write in my critical evaluation.
I forward the email that I receievd to my Live Client. I wanted to drop the DVD off but he had left the office so I am sending it on Friday. He know's I want the feedback before Saturday so I have time to write my evaluation.

Today we had a visitor give us a seminar on CV's. This was very useful because I noticed some things that could change on mine. My CV wasn't too bad but as a marketing tool I recognise it needs improving if I stand a chance receiving work when I leave.

I spoke to Sophie about the specialism. In yesterdays contextual studies tutorial Diane suggested that I could look into props and the diegesis of the period piece that I am Co-Producing.

I am finishing the budget for Multi-camera right now. Then I am going to start on my evaluation.

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