Tuesday, 11 January 2011


I emailed everyone in group B reminding them about the rehearsals today, I also sent the risk assessment and information they needed.
I arrived in this morning (Peter was busy printing so I put the rehearsals back by 30 minutes). It took far too long to start the rehearsals and I think some people might have started getting annoyed which is understandable so we can't let that happen again. If they were our actors it would not have been good!

During the rehearsal, we had a few problems cuing sound in on time, no sound played etc. I stopped the stop watch at 13 minutes 50 before we even did the main song. It was a little disaster but we learned from it. I need all of the VT material before I can make accurate PA notes. We found that the music was working so that was a human error apparently.

After dinner Mike had group A Director, Steven, go through step by step what he wanted. We wanted to do all of the groups but because my group had an actor coming in at 4pm we had to leave it for another day.
We set up for Hannah coming. I called Stanley Buttons (the number Jordan give me about an hour earlier) but he was out. I will try again tomorrow because it is too late now.

Hannah arrived. We recorded her 2nd unit VT material on one of the studio cameras. Then Peter and I went upstairs to have a script read through and to let her know step by step what he wants. I give her contracts to sign (she signed one last Friday but it had Graces name crossed out so I wanted a special copy for Hannah) and the rehearsal dates / times, contact information, information sheet, group B section of the script and I am emailing the full new script soon (she has the old draft). She read the lines really well and is still interested and wants to help out which is good news.
Karl came in with some bad news. He was going to edit the 2nd unit VT that we'd just recorded but it hadn't recorded onto the tape. We apologised to Hannah and we had to re record it. She was happy to do it again. This time we used a Panasonic P2 and made sure the settings were the compatible with the studio cameras.

Peter and I had a quick chat about how the day went. It was definitely a good day as for getting lots of work done and progressing.
I have just printed off my blog for my professional studies folder.

Tomorrow I need to contact Stanley Buttons. I also need to catch Detective Law while he is in to ask what rehearsals he can do with Hannah before Tuesday preferably. We are having a rehearsal, I need to go through Sound again with the Directors. I think we're slowly getting there. Hannah cannot make tomorrows rehearsals but we have organised Friday 15:30 until the college closes. Detective might not be able to make this but it is mainly for Hannah anyway as she has only had the script since Friday and we want her to have as many as possible.

Karl and I were in the sound room and we were thinking of assigning the dynamic mics to 1&2 the radio mics to 3&4 the VT to 5&6 and the ipod to 7&8. This is something I will have to go over with with Richard and Steve. I need to check with the Directors about the sound re design / issue.

Mike suggested using some of Karls Me, Myself and I footage from last year to add into my live project. I mentioned it to Peter but he hasn't seen it. He said he is going to finish my edit this Thursday so I will remind him. It is his decision in the end because he is the Director.

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