Sunday, 16 January 2011

on Thursday I got on with my work for multi-camera then we had a Professional studies lecture. In this lecture we got through quite a lot on the future of film funding wise, a little bit about graphics package's which Mike wants us to show him on Thursday. Up to now I have a letter head, a business card and a DVD case. Before next week I want to finish my DVD case and a compliment slip. My live project has been put on hold for a little bit. Peter and Dan haven't finished the tweaks yet but as long as it is done next week I am happy. And while they're doing that I will make a feedback sheet for my client ready for when I hand him it.

On Friday I put up all the mics and taped the cables down. I logged what mics went into what cables, what number on the wall box and which characters will be using them. I went through my script giving each character a number in relation to which mic they will be using. We have 7 microphones (1 rifle mic on the ceiling to pick up more than one character and as a back up, 2 radio clip mics and 4 dynamic microphones).
I updated my mic cue sheet. I had my script and actor pack for Stanley Buttons binded. I met him on the morning and he seems very friendly and he is a good actor for Stanley Buttons!
Hannah and James came in to have a read through which I timed. We also filmed Detective Law's VT which I was on camera for. We finished in time for the college to close. We quickly tidied away our equipment, shut down the studio and left.

During the weekend I have updated my mic plot sheet. On monday I need to have a technical with the sound people and make more PA notes during the final 3 rehearsals. It is coming along and I am getting more excited for the show.

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