Monday, 28 February 2011

weekend specialism update

Last Thursday I was off ill but I managed to get a lot of work done.

We are meeting Richard, the equity actor, on Tuesday at 11am. I am going to catch Jen for a few minutes when she's available tomorrow because she is filming with Peter. We were meeting Angela for a hair and make-up practice on Monday at 4pm, which she rearranged to 5pm. I have had to text her to reschedule because we won't have much time with auditions which are being held tonight...

The railway sent an email with a few questions which I replied to. I am still waiting for their response.

Angela give me the number of an actor that she thinks would be ideal for the part of Harry. His name is Richard, but it is a different Richard. He isn't equity. He is very interested and we're meeting him on Tuesday at 5pm.

Sophie doesn't want an equity actor but I am not going to cancel any meetings just to be on the safe side.

Sophie went through the prop list with me and we ticked off more stuff that she has already got. I made a schedule over the weekend. It is only a rough version and it needs editing.

I have had a few replies from actors saying they cannot make it.

At the moment I am just waiting for emails and just doing general research and getting prepared for the shoot.

I am also going to start the work on my contextual studies seminar.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

specialism update

Yesterday I spent a long time looking for copyright information on the song How D'ya Like Your Eggs in the Morning?. I didn't have much luck so I concentrated on actors. I contacted more male actors from equity, I had Peter Halpin reply but he is from London so it is not worth it. Richard emailed me, he is available and interested so I emailed him back.
We met Angela (the lady we were hoping to play Martha). She was very interested, available, experienced and friendly.
We had a script read through which was helpful.
Sophie mentioned that her dad would play the vicar as it is a small role.

Today I emailed Peter explaining in a nice way that he wasn't suitable.
I called the railway company and was put through to someone who knew how to go about getting permission. I had to call them back but when I did they give me the email address of the man in charge of filming permissions. I emailed him so I am just waiting on a reply.
I sent an email to Jen (I text her last night explaining I would email today) with the script and details.
I updated my cast list and tried to search for music copyright again. I couldn't find anything again.
I am thinking of just using the back up song that Sophie had.

Thinking of going prop hunting on Friday with Jess.
I emailed the prop & costume list to Jess and Sophie.

Monday, 21 February 2011

specialism!! and London

Last Wednesday we went to London and came home on Friday. We went to The Production Show where lots of people from the industry gathered, networked and talked about equipment. I was given a few magazines and leaflets to read through. For the rest of the trip we went to a few museums, went sight seeing and went to watch Phantom of the Opera. It was a great trip!

Today it was the return to work. I read through the second draft of Boiled or Fried (Sophie's Specialism script) and made a chart with all the scenes, costumes, actors, locations, props and other needs. I checked with Sophie when she wanted to film and I booked the equipment out.

I started looking for male actors. I emailed a few but I have only had one reply so far which was from an agent saying she has passed the details on and she will contact me as soon as she know's. Sophie had already found her Female actor and we're meeting her tomorrow at 5pm. I will then take over with the actor. I need to contact Jen too.

I called Goatham railway but they confused me when they asked me to send them a pass. I emailed them asking exactly what is needed and how I go about acquiring a pass for permission. I then went to Redcar to look at the station there. I took a picture. It looks okay from certain angles because you can't tell it is modern. I made a visit to Middlesbrough Station. This wasn't very good because it is full of advertisments and you can see the new college in the background! However, the lady at the enquiries desk give us a timetable because it had a list of stops from Middlesbrough to Whitby and apparently a few of them are old. I will have a look tomorrow.

I have completely dropped out of Jordan's Mountain bike film because he has done everything so far. He know's exactly where he wants to film and who he wants in the film. I don't think having me produce would benefit his production. If anything, I would probably get in the way. My tutor agreed with me so I let Jordan know. Sophie's is a big project so I will need to concentrate on that.

Tomorrow I hope to contact more actors and locations. I will make sure there is a start on props and costumes. We only have a few weeks so I can't waste any time.

Monday, 14 February 2011


Sophie give me a location list and a prop list so I can begin to work on finding everything. I am going to make a schedule over the next few days (which will probably change slightly) and a checklist.
It is going to be difficult planning a schedule for Jordan's but I will give it a go even if it has to change.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Last night I printed off the updated version of my CV and packed everything away. I have a media CV; a letter head; a compliment slip; a business card; an envelope and a DVD case / CD template. On my box I have my logo printed onto a sticker to make it clear it is mine.

I have been watching down hill  mountain biking for Specialism research. Sophie said she will have her script by Monday.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

After our week off we returned to a new timetable. Our Specialism module has officially started. I am now fully Producing Sophie's Boiled or Fried film set in 1951 rather than co-Producing. I am still Producing Jordan's specialism but he might be changing it from a climbing film to a down hill mountain bike film. I am happy to Produce either but we just need the decision making soon because I have already made a start with Sophies! I am recording Sound for Sophie and Jess. I chose not to specialise in sound because I think Producing will challenge me more but I still enjoy it so thought it'd be a good idea to agree to the sound role.

I put my name down for one of the last slots for the Contextual Studies seminar presentation. Mine is going to be focused on the 1951 Props side of the Specialism so it will take a lot of preparation and I am comfortable with writing my essay up in a shorter amount of time.

Today we had a group crit on our Live Projects. Mine seemed to have good feedback, I just had some recommended changes mentioned, which I was aware of anyway.

The deadline for the Graphics Package is tomorrow. I just need to change a few things and print everything again then I am ready for the hand in. I could have handed it in today but I think an extra few hours could benefit my package.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

graphics package

The other day I bought some 'posh' paper and photo paper for my letterheads, CV's and DVD cases. I printed my DVD case, letter head and compliment slip.
Today I made a trip to staples where I had my business cards printed.
I also bought a box to present everything. I am not sure if everything will fit but I'll find out over the next few days as I bring it all together. If not I will have to buy something else.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

live project folder deadline

I handed in my Live Project folder today. All my paperwork was done before we broke up for Christmas so it was just a case of re arranging everything and putting a contents page.

My tutorial the other day went well. My tutors agreed with me that I have become more confident since last year.

Next Wednesday we have the deadline for our graphics package so this week I will complete it and print everything off professionally and then that is the last hand in for a while.