Thursday, 5 May 2011

professional studies

In professional studies, I have been given an extension because of the double booking of the edit suite. The folder still has to be in on the Wednesday as normal but I am editing my show reel on the Thursday and handing that in on Friday before 12 noon.

Today we went to Hartlepool to see the business area. Starting up a business is something that I have been thinking about for after Teesside so it is useful to know that this is available as an option.

We also looked at the area we will have for our end of year show so we are having a meeting about that soon.

I am going to upload my show reel to my blog after next Friday when I have finished it.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


The deadline for our specialism module is tomorrow. The music that the composer made for us has been added today and it is looking really nice.

After the deadline I am going to Teesside for a crimestoppers meeting because I put my name down to volunteer. I heard you can get involved in different areas such as promotion and media.

Next week is our Professional Studies deadline and it is our last one this year. I was supposed to be editing my show reel today all day but there was a mistake and Lee and I were double booked. I called Mike and he said he would give me my day back next week so I am happy about that.

Over the weekend I recorded some foley sound at home on the P2. I had fun with this but I ran out of space on the card so hopefully there is a lot I can use for my show reel.