Wednesday, 12 January 2011

less than one week left

We had a contextual studies lecture on Ideology this morning. It was really interesting because I love learning about the theory side to film. Especially film and history.
After this lecture we had a break, I did some painting to help out even though it's not my role I wanted to do something different. I then set up for the actor rehearsal. I changed a bit of the sound design again. I have assigned VT to G1&2 and Ipod to G3&4. This might make it easier for the people on sound. After a while Peter and I went upstairs and did a readthrough with Detective Law - I timed his lines. Joanne read Christine for us.
I then finished the work I was doing before heading back down to the studio, I had a chat with some people about VT, SFX etc. Tomorrow I am going to make sure I get as much done as possible. We have less than a week remaining and this is quite worrying.
I have re organised my folder because I hadn't done it since before Christmas holidays and it was getting messy so tomorrow I am ready for a busy organised day!

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