Monday, 10 January 2011

Friday 7th - Monday 10th

On Friday we met Hannah the new Christine Charles. She really wants to take part and will give singing a go (she has her grade 1 and sings in some university productions). We mentioned there was a possible part for the chick flick section but in the end the back up we had emailed for the musical section has a course on the day of the show. So Hannah can only be Christine now. She might not look the part as much as Grace did but she still looks good, she wants to help, has experience and says she won't let us down.

We did some sound checks and I repositioned some mics. I did a quick sound check with the VT music (we were originally intending to have a crew rehearsal but a lot of people were filming). There was a big Feedback  issue that needed to be resolved.

I wanted to help Jordan paint the set but I am not very good at painting!

I feel more at ease after speaking to Hannah. We asked her to come in on Tuesday to record her 2nd unit material and to have a rehearsal. She is coming in at 4pm with curly hair, makeup, a dress and a white shirt.

Detective Law cannot come in till Wednesday. Jordan found a Stanley Buttons and I have been nominated to look after him because I have the least amount of cast. I was suppose to be looking after security but because Jess's boyfriend is this character now we decided it would make more sense for her to keep in contact with him.

Over the weekend I did some paperwork for multi camera and I also designed a new logo for professional studies which I think is better.

Dan and Peter Silk have been editing my live project today. I had a look and it looks really good! I was recording sound for Charlottes wool room today too. I think the shoot went well.
I came back to the college and spoke to Richard about the feedback issue. He told me that there wasn't much we could do but give me advise which means a repositioning of the mics and using dynamics instead of rifles. I also tested the radio clip mic which the Detective Law will be wearing and possibly Christine Charles but I haven't decided yet. Lee has a copy of my cue sheet with bits crossed out that the Directors no longer want. I need to get this information down so I will have to see him after tonights rehearsals.

We are using an Ipod for skipping music/VT because the skip button on the CD player is broke. I have told Peter to use his spare Ipod too incase his breaks before the show! I now have the nickname 'Paranoid Producer' but it is best to be safe than sorry!

I think that is all for this update! So after this crew rehearsal I will be going home and doing some paperwork for future rehearsals. Updating the sound design, making notes on my new script and possibly do some work on Contextual and Professional Studies if I have time.

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