Saturday, 29 January 2011

Live and Multi-camera

I have started the budget for Multi-camera but I think I worked it out wrong so I am re doing it.
It would have cost at the least £23000 so far! And I am not finished. Plus I haven't included Studio hire and Production Managers.

Yesterday I made a letter (on my letterhead I designed for Professional Studies) to Steve my Live Client. In the letter it explained that it is a first edit and the finished would be presented professionally. I also made a feedback form for him to fill in. I dropped it off then the next day he came to my house to return it. He said he is very pleased with it. He only suggested a few minor changes (a few shots he would like brighter so you can see his book more clear). I let Peter know the good news. Now all I need to do is write my critical evaluation..

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