Monday, 24 January 2011

sunday / monday

Yesterday I did more work on my graphics package. I made my DVD case. I found that the easiest way to make one was to open a word document, turn it to landscape and put a border around the page. All the default settings make it the same size as a DVD case. All the templates I found didn't look very accurate.

I asked my family for feedback and they all said that the new letter heads, business cards and DVD cases etc looked better than the old ones (without them knowing which was the upadted version).

This morning, after sorting Student Finance out with my mum (there's been a problem with my loans and grants) I arrived at college 30 minutes later than I intended to be there but got straight on with the edit for Sam's Zombie Wool Room. I did a rough edit, put music on it then tidied it up. I spent hours trying to blur the TV in the background in after effects. Richard came to help me but he couldn't figure out a way to do this without it looking a mess. In the end after trying I asked Sam what he thought would be best and he said to just leave it too.

Tomorrow Peter & Dan are going to complete my live edit and make the 10 DVD's that are needed.
I will put Sam's on DV and make how many DVD's he requires.

On Wednesday, we hand in our live project film. Then we're going to watch the multi-camera TV show.

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