Wednesday, 8 December 2010

first actor read through... Live filming... update...

We introduced ourselves and had a read through. We have a problem with my section because it over ran and we didn't even read out the songs! As soon as we get the songs I will feel more at ease with it because I can sort out my timings. Other than that I am quite happy about today, the actors we have are good.
I am currently working on the sound design because we only have a rough plan so far. I hope to have completed it by Monday.
I finished filming my Live project today. There was just one last section to film which was the part where my client talks about his campaign to slot in the middle of the rough edit that we have already. Dan is off ill and Peter said he can't come in next week so it doesn't look like it is going to get edited before Christmas! But most people haven't filmed yet so I don't think it is an issue. We will have it complete by the first week back after the holidays which will be about a month before the deadline. All of my paper work is done and I have written half of my critical evaluation already so I just need to write the conclusion and the feedback from the client when Dan and Peter have finished the edit.
This means during Christmas I can work on Multicamera and keep on top of contextual studies and professional studies. I can also start researching into the specialism now that I know both projects I did a proposal for were successful!

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