Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Live Project Deadline!

Our Projects need to be in in 45 minutes!!
It is okay though because I handed mine in at 3pm yesterday.

Peter Silk and Dan Harris (Director and Editor) tweaked my project, I went in and give feedback then after a few more hours it was complete. We put it on the master DV tape and I made a few copies on DVD. I didn't make 10 because Peter Silk wanted to put it on his hard drive instead and I will only give the actors their copy when all changes have been made. Either today or tomorrow I am going to give my client his copy and I will ask for some written feedback so I can then start my critical evaluation (I already have a rough evaluation but it needs setting out and a conclusion).
I put Sams Zombie Wool Room on DV and DVD and handed that in too. I wanted to avoid the stress of deadline morning when everyone is running about. When I receive feedback from the client I can then start working on the re edit.

Last night I was given some feedback on my blog from an ex-student who I did work experience with. I have printed it out and I am going to improve my blog over the next few weeks!

I have my Contextual Studies tutorial soon. I have printed off my proposal form with the associated research expanded. I have also printed off some of my research. It is not good research so far but over the next few weeks it will advance.

Today I think we have the opportunity to watch the Multi-camera project as a group. I am looking forward to this as I want to know where we went right and wrong.
I am going to be working a little bit on each module and I hope to finish my critical evaluations by Friday.

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