Thursday, 14 October 2010

Thursday, day 4

The first task of the day was to give an assembly at Tollesby school. I picked up Lucy and we got there for the 8:50am talk. It was quite a small group and because I did an assembly the other day I felt comfortable and more relaxed. After we spoke to the pupils about BBC Blast we went to meet everyone at BBC Tees for a meeting. A new girl was there called Natalie. While the others had things to do that Lucy and I had already done, we went to collect flyers and passes and we went to the uni to give out flyers. I suggested we moved from the uni to Middlesbrough college, because people in that area will be more likely to be our target. We didn't go on the college property because we didn't have permission but we stood where all the students walk into town. We completely ran out of leaflets within ten minutes and people were genuinely interested. After this we set off to Oakfields to give another assembly. This was definitely the best assembly we have done. It flowed really well, we were both relaxed and enthusiastic about the events. At the end a lot of pupils came over for leaflets and to ask questions! Very pleased with that.
Now I am home and doing more college work!
Jess met me yesterday so that I could give her my budget money, crews have been sorted for the live project and even though my to-do list is almost two sides of A4 it is manageable and I am really enjoying it! I just have to catch up on technical demonstrations and workshops when I return from placement. 

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