Monday, 11 October 2010

BBC Placement

About a month ago I applied for BBC Blast Middlesbrough. I was short listed and asked to attend an interview. I was offered a place on the placement which involves planning, promoting and running an event for 13-19 year old in my area. The aim is to inspire young people to be more creative and learn new skills.

Today will be my first day and I have to be there at 0930. I am very excited and wonder how the day will unfold! It is going to be a challenge alone just keeping on top of my modules while I am away for these three weeks but I am confident I can do it if I keep in touch with everybody!

I also put an event on Facebook about a week ago advertising the auditions for the Multi-camera project. In just one week it had been passed to more than one hundred people. This proves it could be an effective way of promoting an event!! But on the other hand, not many people agreed to attend. At least it got a few people interested!!!


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