Sunday, 24 October 2010

Saturday... and last week of placement monday week 3 tomorrow

I can't believe that two weeks have already gone and it is nearly over!

Yesterday on the BAT van was successful. It was very cold and it was raining at first but as town got busier, the temperature raised and it stopped raining, we had a lot of interest and people signing up!

Today was our day off so I have been relaxing and doing some research on sound design for my multi camera module. I found some example paper work on the internet that might be useful!
Tomorrow Andy and I have to go to three Boro Buzz events and promote BBC Blast. We're going to Prissick Plaza in the morning, Albert park for a kmx bike race activity then Hollywood bowl later in the day. Now that the BAT van has finished it is just about promoting it further as much as possible. We also have the showcase to finish planning!

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