Friday, 15 October 2010

day 5 update

I spoke to Steve from the bully campaign today and told him that my pitch was chosen. He is very happy and has made it clear that if I need anything he will do his best to help. I have explained to him that I am currently on placement but that I will have a meeting with him the first week in November. I am going to call my live crew later today after the email I tried to send them failed and I lost it!
I have a meeting with Andy and Lucy at Starbucks in town at 3pm to start planning the showcase we're organising. I have volunteered to go on radio Tees on the morning of the showcase to promote it! I have also volunteered to do an extra event next Thursday. I don't think I have ever been this busy in my entire life! but its great. Really enjoying it!
I have also been thinking about next year. I am considering something but I don't know if it is possible yet so I need to think it through and get as much advise as possible!

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