Thursday, 21 October 2010

Interesting day

We were at Oakfields this morning, the pupils were very curious when they saw the van. They seemed to enjoy themselves and we did really well promoting the main even! After we finished at that school we went to St Marys college. We had our dinner and set up. Then we went to spread the word about the van and got lots of people to check it out. One of the groups that were organised to come down were a media group. My old media teacher came down with them so I was talking to her. She offered me a work placement observing and helping out in her lessons! I have emailed her about this and I am just waiting for a reply. It was nice to see her again because every time she came to CCAD I was out filming or doing other tasks.
I went on the two talks that I volunteered to do for John. It didn't take long, just a bit of extra promotion work. He told me that the bookings were really really good today so I am very happy!

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