Wednesday, 13 October 2010

day 1 and 2 BBC Blast placement

On Monday it was my first day on placement. We spent the first few hours introducing ourselves to each other and talking about what is going to happen over the three weeks. I found out that well over 100 people applied and only four of us were given the opportunity. John is the team leader and is from BBC Blast, Andy is on my course at CCAD, Lucy is a student at Teesside studying TV and Film and Helen studied graphic design. We found out what needs to be done then did a health and safety course on the BBC network. After this we went to meet the people from Boro Buzz who we will be working with. It was a long day but it was interesting and I am excited about what is to come!

On Tuesday I picked up Helen and we made our way to Oakfields Community College. We arrived a few hours early so that we could prepare and practice. I used to attend this school so it was exciting to be back and see my old teachers! The assembly went well. One pupil came up to us after to ask some questions so the assembly must have interested them. I was nervous but now that I have done it I am not nervous about Thursdays assembly because I know what to expect!
After I dropped Helen off, I went straight to college in time for the auditions! I asked a few people to turn up and I created the Facebook group a few weeks ago but only 4 people in total turned up. however, I wouldn't say it was unsuccessful because I think I have found my actor for the musical section! I asked Grace to attend but I was amazed at her confidence and talent during her audition!

Today I did my research that John asked me to do, did some catching up on college work and dropped off some posters at a school. Its been a busy day. I also found out that my pitch for the Live project was chosen so I am happy about that!

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