Wednesday, 16 March 2011

studio shoot finished!!

On Monday and Tuesday we had our studio shoots for Boiled or Fried. They went really well and the actors were amazing. It was a very relaxed shoot and the only problems we seemed to have came down to changing the batteries and putting the footage on the Mac when the P2 card was full.

I recorded the sound in stereo for the first time ever. I asked Richard how to do it and ended up using tie wraps to cross the rifle mics over each other. I kept the sound log and put down what I did for each shot and the timecodes. The track and dolly caused a few sound issues but we managed to get around it by trying different positions. We finished early on Monday because the card was full but because we had a big day scheduled for Tuesday we weren't panicing. Tuesday we finished about 30 minutes before we were scheduled to finish which was good.

I think the shoot went really well and we have had a preview of some of the shots on the edit and the sound and camera look good. I can't wait to film the locations and see the edit come together.

I am recording the sound for Jess's Specialism next week. I also have my presentation next Wednesday.

I am going to get some extra sounds recorded for both films to add to the edit eg, sound of a clock.

The location shoots are on the 28th, 29th and 30th March. I was considering doing another specialism and record a band but I have decided against this at this time because we have so much going on I would rather work harder on the projects I am currently committed to.

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