Tuesday, 1 March 2011

meeting more actors and the Teesside talk

This morning I came in early to print off the script for the actor and to start the updated schedule. I met Richard at reception at 11am and we went to the seminar room to have a chat with Sophie (the Director). He read a line so we had an idea if he was good for the part. He is an equity actor with quite a bit of experience.

We had someone from Teesside University come in to talk to us about the third year. He showed us a few films and told us how to apply.

I printed off the forms for Jen and Richard, two actors that I am meeting this evening. Jen has already got the role of Sarah because we have worked with her before and know she is ideal. We are meeting Richard for the first time so the role of Harry will go to one of the Richards that we will have met by the end of today.
I have give Sophie a contract and some questions for her dad to fill in because he is our Vicar.

In one of the films shown earlier today was a street location which was filmed at Preston Park. This is a potential location for us so I will get in contact with them about that.

I have a second version of the schedule. It is not complete yet but it gives a good idea of what needs to be done each day.

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