Wednesday, 9 March 2011

mainly an update on specialism

So... with the locations secured, actors secured and equipment booked, I just need to finish the paper work (call sheets etc) and email them out. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. After the lesson with Mike, Sophie and I are going to the 1950s charity shop which is in Darlington. I am going to have a look for both specialism and contextual studies because my seminar presentation is going to be on props for old films.

I also need to visit Preston Park tomorrow to have my location release form signed. I have permission by email but I want to do everything properly.

Then when we come back to college we will be starting on the set build.

We were supposed to go to the Charity shop full of 50's items and costumes on Tuesday but I agreed to reschedule it because Sophie was very busy (she is working on more projects than me, had her presentation to finish and probably a lot more things).

Today we watched some seminar presentations and then I filled in the national students survey. I have also nearly completed my UCAS form for my application to Teesside University.

I received some news this morning that I have been selected for my jury service. I have requested for it to be deferred and I hope they grant me the permission as I have major projects due at the same time as they expect me to serve. Fingers Crossed.

On Monday I went prop shopping with Sophie and Jess down town. We didn't end up buying anything but it has give me a good idea for when I go shopping at the end of the week.

Yesterday we had a session with Di and we did work on character development etc which was helpful.

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