Wednesday, 23 February 2011

specialism update

Yesterday I spent a long time looking for copyright information on the song How D'ya Like Your Eggs in the Morning?. I didn't have much luck so I concentrated on actors. I contacted more male actors from equity, I had Peter Halpin reply but he is from London so it is not worth it. Richard emailed me, he is available and interested so I emailed him back.
We met Angela (the lady we were hoping to play Martha). She was very interested, available, experienced and friendly.
We had a script read through which was helpful.
Sophie mentioned that her dad would play the vicar as it is a small role.

Today I emailed Peter explaining in a nice way that he wasn't suitable.
I called the railway company and was put through to someone who knew how to go about getting permission. I had to call them back but when I did they give me the email address of the man in charge of filming permissions. I emailed him so I am just waiting on a reply.
I sent an email to Jen (I text her last night explaining I would email today) with the script and details.
I updated my cast list and tried to search for music copyright again. I couldn't find anything again.
I am thinking of just using the back up song that Sophie had.

Thinking of going prop hunting on Friday with Jess.
I emailed the prop & costume list to Jess and Sophie.

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