Monday, 21 February 2011

specialism!! and London

Last Wednesday we went to London and came home on Friday. We went to The Production Show where lots of people from the industry gathered, networked and talked about equipment. I was given a few magazines and leaflets to read through. For the rest of the trip we went to a few museums, went sight seeing and went to watch Phantom of the Opera. It was a great trip!

Today it was the return to work. I read through the second draft of Boiled or Fried (Sophie's Specialism script) and made a chart with all the scenes, costumes, actors, locations, props and other needs. I checked with Sophie when she wanted to film and I booked the equipment out.

I started looking for male actors. I emailed a few but I have only had one reply so far which was from an agent saying she has passed the details on and she will contact me as soon as she know's. Sophie had already found her Female actor and we're meeting her tomorrow at 5pm. I will then take over with the actor. I need to contact Jen too.

I called Goatham railway but they confused me when they asked me to send them a pass. I emailed them asking exactly what is needed and how I go about acquiring a pass for permission. I then went to Redcar to look at the station there. I took a picture. It looks okay from certain angles because you can't tell it is modern. I made a visit to Middlesbrough Station. This wasn't very good because it is full of advertisments and you can see the new college in the background! However, the lady at the enquiries desk give us a timetable because it had a list of stops from Middlesbrough to Whitby and apparently a few of them are old. I will have a look tomorrow.

I have completely dropped out of Jordan's Mountain bike film because he has done everything so far. He know's exactly where he wants to film and who he wants in the film. I don't think having me produce would benefit his production. If anything, I would probably get in the way. My tutor agreed with me so I let Jordan know. Sophie's is a big project so I will need to concentrate on that.

Tomorrow I hope to contact more actors and locations. I will make sure there is a start on props and costumes. We only have a few weeks so I can't waste any time.

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