Thursday, 11 November 2010

this week at college...

We had a run through of the entire script. We had a technical rehearsal. We had a few meetings which I have typed up and filed. I went through folder work and what needs to be in there. I had a meeting with Peter Silk about the script, we went through actors, locations, props and everything else. I came up with a schedule and I put dates down for filming and editing. I put it on the wall so everyone knows when I intend to film. I need to arrange a meeting with the client. We're emailing actors for multi-camera next monday. I got some feedback on my logos. I have a lot of work to do this weekend. I want to arrange a meeting with some industry professionals for primary research but I do not know how realistic it will be to get in touch with someone who will let us interview them. But I think it is worth trying anyway. Especially for the PA role!
I still need to do my contextual studies presentation. We went to the RTS awards in York on Tuesday night which was a good night!

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